At NYIAS, Ford Escape Enters Fourth Generation

This year’s New York International Auto Show welcomes the fourth-generation Ford Escape. Here we’ll look back at previous generations to see which ones had the highest number of searches and trace the progress of this very successful crossover.

When the first-generation Ford Escape debuted in 2001, it had more in common with cars like the Focus than with larger SUVs and trucks. The Escape featured a car-like platform and unibody construction. Drivers could choose from a 127-hp 4-cylinder borrowed from the Focus or a 201-hp V6 borrowed from the Taurus. All-wheel drive (AWD) was optional, and a 5-speed manual transmission came standard.

The second-generation Escape, including model years 2008 through 2012, saw a refresh, complete with a new 6-speed automatic transmission, a new 4-cylinder engine that increased horsepower to 171, and an updated V6 that increased horsepower to 240. The Mercury Mariner, the Escape’s automotive twin, also debuted during the second generation.

The third-generation Escape, for model years 2013 through 2019, was built on the company’s then-new C1 platform and showcased the brand’s Kinetic design language. That translated into a sleeker profile and more car-like handling. It also got a new Ecoboost engine with improved fuel efficiency. The third generation had 38% more searches than the second-generation Escape and 213% more than the first generation. The 2013 Ford Escape, which first debuted all these updates, was the model year that saw the most searches of the third generation.

The fourth-generation Escape gets another redesign for 2020. It loses 200 pounds from the previous generation and gains a new suspension and four new powertrain options, including one standard and one plug-in hybrid. It will also offer safety features like a head-up display (HUD), blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking.

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At NYIAS, Ford Escape Enters Fourth Generation
At NYIAS, Ford Escape Enters Fourth Generation
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