GoGoRacer Logo & Website Redesign - 2021 Update

GoGoRacer.com Update New Catalog Rain Guards Launch

Gogoracer gets a new look and a complete shift in focus for the 2020-2021 season. 

Our team has been focused on putting all of our efforts in the right places as economic and political forces shake up the automotive industry space and eCommerce as whole.

The list of threats has been endless this past 12 months with rising inflation, changes in leadership for large sales channels like Amazon, a shift in consumer demands from a collective venture into self isolation that has rocket propelled eCommerce into the public eye forcing these aforementioned changes. 

One of our goals moving forward will have to be transparency in how we practice our business, and to offer a more direct line of communication both ways from our community to us. We hope this new site will serve that in all of its duality.

Changes to the Catalogue 

Some new additions to our catalogue have come in the way of Truck Cab Visors and Rain Guards and we have used this turmoil as an opportunity to create growth in sectors we have had to ignore in the past. 

One such improvement we have made is speeding up what has been a long uphill battle for JSP Americas new digs. GoGoRacer.com is now the home of our eCommerce department and with that we have some plans for its use. 

We intend to keep our entire catalogue available to our loyal fanbase but have temporarily cut it down in order to bring our product data into this century. 

As JSP America has been in business for over 35 years now, and technology has managed to outpace us in some aspects, new markets and new tools made our listings feel outdated and as such we have created a template and brand identity to move forward with the way we present our products. 

Changes to the Website

You'll see that, on site now is a much more cohesive image and message to display our commitment to consistency and excellence in regards to automotive styling accessories. 

Over the course of the next year we plan to also list on this new domain JSP America Truck Cab Sun Visors, Spoilers, Carbon Fiber Accessories, Hood Scoops and more but before they can find their way into the spotlight we want to give them the attention they deserve. 

This is an important and integral step to removing the confusion on genuine part numbers and bettering our image and standard. This will take time due to the very large number of SKUs we have collected as part of our offering over the years but we will update you as they go live. This doesn't mean you cannot purchase those items as they will still be available on our Amazon eBay and Walmart stores as well as direct phone sales. 

We hope to keep a stream of information continually published from this site in the future in order to update our customers and distributors on changes we are making and share thoughts and images from our community. 

We are happy to have a fresh new look with the same tried and true color scheme that has been representative of JSP America so far to date. We look forward to growing our community and receiving feedback from our fans.

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